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2017 Pumpkin Show House Decorating Contest


CIRCLEVILLE – Pumpkin show is upon us and every year for the last 13 years, the Circleville Apothecary has made the show fun for the residents by charming the area for Pumpkin show.  The contest rules are fairly simple and free to join as long as you enter by October 17th.

“We started the contest around 13 years ago to help build our bond with the community. We have been in Ashville for over 38 years. People know us, we know them, and we wanted to have that kind of connection in Circleville as well. And what better way than to join in the festivities of the Circleville Pumpkin Show? Everyone in Circleville looks forward to the show’s festivities and we love adding to the excitement,” responded Circleville Apothecary.

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“We usually receive anywhere from 20 to 30 entries a year. We’re hoping to gain more in the coming years, though, by increasing the area of the contest, adding an online signup (available here), and connecting to people through our social media.”

The judging is based on a fall or pumpkin show theme which will be judged in day and night time conditions, so entrants must plan accordingly. “The most important thing for us is that the theme must be focused towards the Pumpkin Show. Typically fall themed yards work the best but we’re open to other interpretations.”


When asked what Circleville and the Pumpkin show means to the Circleville Apothecary, we got several answers:

  • For Heather Simmons, Marketer, “For me it means memories. Of my family and me navigating through crowds, stopping by Lindsey’s Bakery to stare at the giant pumpkin pie, gorging on chocolate at Wittich’s, and the feeling of accomplishment I got for winning my first ribbon.”
  • Paula Kline, Front-End Clerk: “Pumpkin show always means family, friends, and fun in our community, not to mention the great food!”
  • Bob Mabe, Owner: “Since I’m from another town I always found the Pumpkin Show to be a unique experience, as well as a great opportunity to talk with friends, customers, and visitors.”
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• 1st: $100 gift certificate to Ashville/Circleville Apothecary.

• 2nd: $75 gift certificate to Ashville/Circleville Apothecary.

• 3rd: $50 gift certificate to Ashville/Circleville Apothecary.


• Your home must be in Circleville city limits.
• You choose your style, however, it must be Pumpkin Show (not Halloween) themed.
• Entries will be judged in daylight and at night.
• You must stop by the Circleville Apothecary (1200 North Court St.) and fill out an entry form or fill out the form online before 5:00 PM, Tuesday, October 17th.
• Judging will take place Wednesday, October 18th during the afternoon and night.
• Winners will be announced Thursday, October 19th on our Facebook page and will be notified with a phone call as well.

When asked who does the judging i was told, “Oh! Our judge? It’s ***** *********.

They have a great sense for pumpkin themed décor! Though their opinion does seem to change every year… almost like they’re a different person… Nah, that couldn’t be it.”

Online Application Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W5JZZSN