Home News $1.6 Billion Investment Boosts Communities and Infrastructure Across Ohio

$1.6 Billion Investment Boosts Communities and Infrastructure Across Ohio


Columbus, Ohio (February 8, 2024) – The Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill this week allocating $1.6 billion to various projects across the state, including local infrastructure, education, and historical preservation.

Strategic Community Investment Fund:

  • $350 million: One-time investment from the newly established Strategic Community Investment Fund supports statewide, regional, and local projects.
  • $5 million: Dedicated to constructing a welcome center at Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks, Ohio’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Additional Capital Investments:

  • $600 million: School Building Program Assistance Fund to support school infrastructure improvements.
  • $400 million: Public Works Commission Local Public Infrastructure and State Capital Improvement Program to enhance local infrastructure.
  • $397.6 million: Higher Education Projects, including funding for Southern State Community College and Ohio University.
  • $250 million: Local jail construction, with $150 million specifically allocated for smaller counties.

Boosting the Economy and Strengthening Communities:

“These investments in infrastructure, education, and historical preservation are crucial for Ohio’s continued growth and prosperity,” said State Representative Bob Peterson (R-Sabina). “This bill demonstrates our commitment to supporting communities across the state and creating a brighter future for all Ohioans.”

Next Steps:

The legislation will be incorporated into the State Capital Budget bill, a two-year construction budget for capital projects. Once approved, these investments will directly impact communities throughout Ohio, supporting critical infrastructure upgrades, educational opportunities, and the preservation of valuable historical sites.