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26 Cases in Ohio Confirmed of COVID-19


OHIO – CDC has confirmed that there are 26 cases of COVID-19 in Ohio at this time and they feel there are more that are undiagnosed.

This morning one man was diagnosed in Grove City Ohio, he recently traveled on a carnival cruise line.

264 people under investigation for possible exposure, so far 85 have tested negative. 12 are female and 14 are male. Individuals are aged from 31-86 years old. Number of counties with cases: 8 (Belmont 2, Butler 4, Cuyahoga 11, Franklin 1, Lorain 1, Stark 3, Summit 2, Trumbull 2)

Dewine says that local casinos and racinos are closed, an order will be issued for limitations of visitations to correction facilities, and assisted living facilities restoring all outside visitors. Some adjustments are planned to be made for end of life and clergy in those situations. Dewine says that protecting the elderly that are the most susceptible to this virus should be taken serious.

Local schools are working on plans to feed children for breakfast and lunch, more info on that here for Circleville, and Chillicothe. If not listed check with your local school district. Dewine has approved meals for schools during the three week restriction.

Dewine says more cases will be confirmed in the near future while more medical centers and hospitals come online with the ability to test for it. Dewine asked that kids should be pulled from day care and handled by family during this time to limit exposure.

The department asks for neighbors to reach out to elderly neighbors to help with groceries and needs to keep their exposure down.