Home News Woman Runs from Chillicothe Gas Station after Theft of Honey Bunns

Woman Runs from Chillicothe Gas Station after Theft of Honey Bunns


Authorities were called to investigate a reported theft at a local convenience store, where four Honey Buns were allegedly stolen by a female suspect.

According to the store employee, the incident occurred around 1:00 am when a female with short white or blond hair, sporting a red Under Armor hat, dark gray coat, and blue jeans, entered the store.

The suspect reportedly grabbed four frosted Honey Buns from the shelf, proceeded to the female restroom, and exited the store without paying for the items. The Employee confronted the female outside the gas station, requesting she return the stolen items. However, she claimed to have returned them before departing on a bicycle southbound on Bridge Street.

Despite a search of the area by law enforcement, the suspect was not located. Surveillance footage provided captured the suspect’s bunn actions inside the store, although her lowered hat obscured her face from the camera’s view. Similarly, footage from outside failed to provide a clear image of the suspect.

The employee informed authorities that the suspect was a regular visitor to the store and pledged to notify law enforcement should she return, with the intention to bar her from the premises.

Upon inspection of the restroom, neither the stolen items nor their wrappers were found. The total value of the stolen Honey Buns amounted to $8.76.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the incident.