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Wildlife Officers Take Action Across Ohio: Field Reports


Central Ohio – Wildlife District One

State Wildlife Officer Matt Teders, patrolling Madison County, intervened in a roadside littering incident, resulting in a surprising discovery. During a routine traffic stop, Officer Teders uncovered multiple violations, including an unregistered trailer, an unlicensed vehicle, and a driver without a valid license. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was called in for assistance, and the case was handed over to them for further action.

State Wildlife Officer Adam Smith, serving Logan County, engaged with students at Indian Lake Elementary School as part of Agriculture Education Week. Officer Smith’s presentation focused on Ohio mammals, with students given the opportunity to interact with various animal pelts. Emphasizing the importance of wildlife conservation, Officer Smith reiterated the significance of leaving wild animals undisturbed and seeking professional help for injured or orphaned animals.

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District Two

State Wildlife Officer Matt D. Smith responded to a distressed landowner’s call concerning a young owl stranded out of its nest. Officer Smith located the eastern screech-owl and transported it to Back to the Wild wildlife rehabilitation, ensuring its care and eventual release back into the wild. The public was reminded to contact wildlife professionals or licensed rehabilitators for assistance with injured or orphaned animals.

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District Three

State Wildlife Officer Jason Warren, patrolling Lake Erie, encountered an individual operating an ATV in violation of fishing regulations. Upon inspection, Officer Warren discovered the angler exceeding the daily limit for steelhead trout. The angler was cited and fined in Ashtabula Municipal Court for the violation.

State Wildlife Officer Nick Turner, serving Harrison County, exemplified public service by assisting a motorist with a flat tire during inclement weather. Despite heavy rain, Officer Turner changed the tire, ensuring the driver’s safety and gratitude.

Southeast Ohio – Wildlife District Four

State Wildlife Officer Anthony Lemle, on patrol in Noble County, responded to a fire incident involving a pull-behind camper on private property. Two individuals were found responsible for intentionally setting fire to the camper, violating Ohio’s burn ban law. Both offenders were charged and fined for their actions, serving as a reminder to comply with fire safety regulations to prevent forest fires.

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District Five

State Wildlife Officer Jacob Losekamp, along with Wildlife Officer Supervisor Matt Hunt and Law Operations Manager Eric Lamb, participated in an elementary field day at Ohio Division of Wildlife District Five headquarters. The officers engaged students in archery and fishing activities, fostering outdoor education and appreciation. Meanwhile, State Wildlife Officer Houston Wireman, stationed in Shelby County, addressed a complaint involving unlawful deer hunting. After investigation, both the hunter and landowner were charged and fined for violations related to hunting without permits and providing false information during game checks.

These reports from Ohio Division of Wildlife Officers underscore their dedication to enforcing regulations, promoting wildlife education, and ensuring public safety across the state.