Home News Wild Surprise at Cedar Point as Camels Roam Free after Escape

Wild Surprise at Cedar Point as Camels Roam Free after Escape



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SANDUSKY, OH – Visitors to Cedar Point amusement park received an unexpected thrill on Tuesday when two camels from the park’s petting zoo made an unplanned appearance on the midway.

Justin Garcia, who was visiting the park with his family, captured the surprising moment on video. The footage shows two camels wandering outside their enclosure at The Barnyard, Cedar Point’s petting zoo.

“Last night, the camels decided to take an unplanned stroll just outside their home at The Barnyard,” said Tony Clark, Cedar Point’s spokesperson. “We’re looking into how they made it to the midway.”

In the video, one of the camels appears startled and jumps a few times, coming uncomfortably close to some of the park’s guests.

Garcia, who had just gotten off a ride, described the tense moment. “We were almost trampled by two massive mammals,” he said. “We put some space between us and watched the aftermath of what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident, according to Clark.

This unexpected encounter adds to the array of experiences at Cedar Point, though it’s one the park’s guests are unlikely to forget anytime soon.