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West Broad Streets York Steak House for Sale, Owner Retiring


Columbus – “Family Priced Dining” is up for sale after the longtime owner of the York Steak House says he’s retiring and looking to sell the turn key business to someone.

York Steak Houses was a large chain in the ’70s and ’80s when there were almost 200 restaurants across the US. By the 90s the chain was on its way down, one of those restaurants that were on the chopping block was West Broad Street that’s when Jay Bettin, who started with the company in 1980 bought the building, and eventually, the company when the rest closed shortly afterward and his York became the last one to survive. 27 Years later the business is still booming, seems Jay knew what the company didn’t to keep a long-time business running.

Established on West Broad Street in 1966 and still offering some of the same favorites 50 years later T-bones, burgers, and baked fish, owner Jay says that he’s looking for a special person to take over, and after the announcement on Facebook his customers feel the same way.

“Whoever buys it better keep exactly the same! That’s what has made it a success all these years! Don’t try to “fix” what isn’t broke, said Jessie Birtcher.

“Congrats on your retirement Jay! It won’t be the same without you, we have always loved coming there with family and friends through the years! You will be missed greatly! We’ll still come to the York and expect no changes so that the city can claim its ownership of the only one around! Best wishes for you !”

“This place is legendary, part of my family history for many years. It’s the only one remaining, so I hope it finds good hands and doesn’t change.”

In just five hours the social media post has gained 1.2k shares and 520 comments all positive only expressing concern that the next owner should run it the same so that they can continue to dine there.

Qualified and serious buyers may contact

[email protected]