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Wendy’s to Introduce New Frosty, Discontinuing Orange Flavor


As the weekend approaches, thoughts of workweek blues tend to creep in, but Wendy’s is about to sweeten Monday with a delightful surprise. According to an announcement on the Snackolator Instagram account, the beloved fast-food chain is set to unveil a brand-new addition to its Frosty lineup.

Beginning next week, Wendy’s will debut the Triple Berry Frosty, a tantalizing blend of blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors. This marks a departure from their traditional Frosty offerings, introducing a berry trio that promises a burst of fruity goodness with every spoonful.

While Wendy’s has previously delighted customers with its Strawberry Frosty, the Triple Berry Frosty aims to elevate the frosty experience by combining three distinct berry flavors into one creamy treat.

However, the introduction of the Triple Berry Frosty comes with a twist – the temporary discontinuation of another fan-favorite flavor. Unfortunately for enthusiasts of the classic Orange Frosty, it will bid adieu for the time being, making way for the berry-infused newcomer.

Wendy’s decision to shake up its Frosty menu reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and catering to evolving consumer tastes. With the Triple Berry Frosty poised to make its debut, Wendy’s fans can look forward to a refreshing and flavorful start to their week, turning Monday blues into berry bliss.