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Washington Court House City Schools Move Back into Hybrid in-Classroom Teaching After COVID Positives in School


Washington Court House – After a COVID-19 scare in the 6-8 grade classrooms on Monday WCH schools will work to move back into classrooms in a staggered start next week.

On Sunday October 11th Fayette county confirmed four cases of COVID-19 at Washington Middle school, two student cases and two teacher cases. WMS shut down the school for the week to do contact tracing.

According to a press release from the school, “there is no evidence that there has been any community spread of COVID-19 in the school.” This was determined by contract tracing of the virus. This method was processed through quickly because Superintendent Dr. Tom Baily says, “my goal is to open the school as soon as we can, ” he continued with, “Not everyone will agree with wanting to open school again, however, if schools are closed what option would our 75+ homeless students have to for a warm, dry environment? What option would our hungry students have that miss 2 meals each day? What option would our students that have no one at home to encourage them to complete academic wok have to grow intellectually?”

After not having in-person learners this week, beginning on Monday, October 19th Washington Middle School will be implementing a re-entry plan that will allow us to bring kids back in the building while still utilizing our remote option.
6th Grade- In-person Monday and Tuesday. Virtual Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
7th Grade- Virtual all week
8th Grade- Virtual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. In-person Thursday and Friday
If you were a remote learner during the 1st quarter and have elected to return to in-person learning for the 2nd quarter, you will be reporting all 5 days regardless of grade level.
Students will be emailed information as well as an all-call sent to provide this information.