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Upward Flag Football: Transforming Youth Sports with Values and Excellence


Circleville, 2024—Upward Flag Football returns to Pickaway County after five years. Upward Sports is a premier youth sports organization dedicated to fostering character development and athletic excellence, Upward Flag Football proudly announces the re-launch of its highly anticipated flag football program for the upcoming season.

Upward Flag Football is not just about the game; it’s about shaping young athletes into well-rounded individuals through a unique blend of sportsmanship, skill-building, and positive coaching. With a focus on values such as teamwork, integrity, and respect, Upward Flag Football provides a safe and inclusive environment where every child can thrive on and off the field.

Need to know information:
Registration is open now for your girls and boys ages 5-12. Evaluations will be on July 17th and July 20th at Heritage Nazarene of Circleville. The first practice will be on August 6th and the first game will be played on August 24th.
Key highlights of Upward Flag Football:

  1. Character Development: Beyond the fundamentals of football, Upward emphasizes
    character development, teaching important life lessons that extend beyond the game.
  2. Inclusive Environment: Upward Flag Football welcomes players of all skill levels and
    provides opportunities for growth and development regardless of experience.
  3. Positive Coaching: Coaches in the Upward program are trained to prioritize
    encouragement and positive reinforcement, empowering young athletes to reach their
    full potential.
  4. Family Engagement: Upward Flag Football values family involvement, fostering
    community and support among players, coaches, and parents.
  5. Skill Enhancement: Through structured practices and skill clinics, Upward Flag Football
    helps players enhance their football skills while instilling a love for the game.
    For more information about Upward Flag Football and how to register, please visit
    About Upward Flag Football:
    If you would like to donate to help a child play, participate as a sponsor, or need som financial assistance for your child to participate please contact:
    David Tripp
    Upward Sports of Pickaway County
    (740) 474-7350