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Uptown Circleville Unveils New Clock and Sculpture, Legacy Icons for Historic Downtown


CIRCLEVILLE, OH – On June 18, 2024, Uptown Circleville proudly unveiled two new additions to the city: a clock on the southeast corner of Court and Main Streets, and a sculpture on the southwest corner. These projects, led by former mayor Richard Gerhardt and the Uptown Circleville Design Committee, aim to enhance the downtown area’s aesthetic appeal and community spirit.

The vision for these improvements originated in 2020 when Gerhardt first proposed the idea to the City Council. Although the project faced delays due to the global pandemic, Gerhardt and Uptown Circleville persevered in their efforts, raising funds and garnering support to make this vision a reality.

Affiliated with the Ohio Heritage Foundation and Main Street USA, Uptown Circleville is committed to making the downtown area more attractive. The organization’s motto, “Shop. Live. Play. Invest.,” reflects their goal to create a vibrant, welcoming destination.

In 2022, Gerhardt presented a refined plan to the City Council, which included detailed designs for the clock and sculpture. The Council supported the project, recognizing its potential to boost community pride, attract visitors, support local businesses, and provide an inviting environment for downtown activities.

The enhancements, which focused on two of the four corners originally planned, include:

  • A Circle Sculpture and Picture Bench: An iconic spot for photos.
  • Nelsonville Pavers 1810 Brick Historic Marker: Highlighting Circleville’s historical roots.
  • A Two-Faced 11-Foot Town Clock: Adding a nostalgic touch and local pride.

The improvements also involved enlarging the corners to showcase these elements, creating an inviting gateway to the downtown area without altering traffic lanes or parking spaces.

Pictured is Beth Kowalski, Bar Association Administrator, Richard Gerhardt representing Uptown Circleville, and Tom Spring, Bar Association President

The project received significant community support, with contributions from various local organizations. The Pickaway County Bar Association donated $3,000 raised during last year’s 0.5K Bar Run, which funded the circle sculpture and bench built by students at Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center. The City of Circleville was recognized for their role in realizing the vision, and the Pickaway Ross Career and Technology Center received a plaque for their creative efforts. Additional support came from the South Central Power Foundation and numerous volunteers.

Pickaway Ross Welder Instructor Collier said the project took two years, with some tweaking to the original design. He told us that the CNC machine that is at the school was too small for the project so the students had to get creative when piecing the statute together.

“Honestly, the main reason I wanted to take on projects like this is for the students 20 years from now. When they come back and see what we accomplished, they can proudly say, ‘We did that.’ It’s a point of pride for all the welding students, even those who didn’t directly work on the project. They know their class contributed, and I think they’re really proud of that,” said Collier, “From a teaching standpoint you take the skills we teach at the most basic level—from instructor collaboration to planning, teamwork, and community service—and this project showcases them all. This is as good as it gets.”

During the unveiling, Gerhardt emphasized three key themes:

  1. Historical Roots: The project honors Circleville’s beginnings in 1810, with the original courthouse yard and other historical markers highlighted.
  2. Community Spirit: The project showcases the collaborative effort of diverse community members and organizations.
  3. Downtown Revitalization: The enhancements contribute to the ongoing growth and vibrancy of the Uptown area, reinforcing Circleville as a place to shop, live, play, and invest.

Gerhardt also highlighted the 1810 Circle Marking Project, which marks the original outer circle of Circleville’s streets. This initiative, supported by the Pickaway County Historical Society and PPG Circleville, adds a historical perspective to the downtown area.

The unveiling concluded with a reception hosted by Uptown Circleville and the City of Circleville, celebrating the successful completion of these projects and the community’s continued commitment to revitalizing downtown Circleville.