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Update – Tragic House Fire Claims Life of Juvenile Female, Investigation Concludes


Lancaster, OH — A devastating house fire on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 812 North Pierce Avenue has left a community in mourning. Lancaster Fire Department responded to the scene at 2:59 p.m., finding the residence engulfed in flames upon arrival.

During the chaotic scene, an adult male, identified as 55-year-old Robert Daniels, was found in the front yard receiving medical attention from a Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputy. Lancaster medics quickly transported Daniels to Ohio State Medical Center in critical condition.

Thankfully, an adult female, 54-year-old Sherry Eck, and two juvenile males managed to escape the blaze before emergency responders arrived. Tragically, firefighters discovered a juvenile female inside the residence who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The intensity of the fire also led to injuries among the responders. A Lancaster firefighter sustained burn injuries and was promptly taken to Fairfield Medical Center for treatment. Fortunately, the firefighter was treated and later released.

Following an extensive investigation, officials determined that the fire’s cause was accidental, initiated by children playing with a lighter inside the home. The Lancaster Fire Department collaborated closely with the Lancaster Police Department Detective Bureau and the Fairfield County Coroner’s Office throughout the investigation process.

It was revealed that the house lacked functional smoke alarms at the time of the incident, which contributed to the severity of the damages caused by the fire. In light of this tragic event, the American Red Cross and its partners are offering support to the community by providing free smoke alarm installations and testing for existing ones. Residents in need of assistance can contact 1-844-207-4509 for further information.

The loss of life and the impact on the community serve as a stark reminder of the importance of fire safety measures and vigilance, particularly with regard to ensuring the presence of working smoke alarms in homes.

For more updates on this developing story and information on fire safety resources, please visit local news outlets and community support services.