Home News Update – Single Vehicle Accident Leads to OVI Arrest in Pickaway County

Update – Single Vehicle Accident Leads to OVI Arrest in Pickaway County


Gary Brock Contributed to this report

Orient, Ohio (June 25, 2024) – On Tuesday night, at approximately 10:40 PM, Pickaway County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of 7945 State Route 762 in Orient, Ohio, following reports of a single-vehicle accident with no driver in sight.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered a white Toyota pickup that had veered off the road and into a ditch. A quick check of the vehicle’s Ohio license plate, JVZ 9190, identified the owner as Charles Eugene Trail. Further investigation revealed Trail’s Ohio driver’s license in the front passenger seat of the truck.

A resident living at the address stated to officers that she heard the crash around 10:20 PM, about 20 minutes before authorities arrived. She mentioned that while she did not know Charles Trail personally, she believed he might be related to her next-door neighbors. Observing three men on a nearby porch, deputies approached and identified one individual in the yard who matched the description of Charles Trail. As officers approached, Trail attempted to walk away but was ordered to stop and subsequently identified.

Deputies noted that Trail exhibited several signs of intoxication, including bloodshot, glassy eyes, the odor of alcohol, and slurred speech. Trail was also highly talkative and repetitive in his statements, common indicators of alcohol influence. When asked about the incident, Trail admitted to losing control of his vehicle. He also confessed to having consumed “maybe three beers” about one to two hours before the accident. He stated he did not call 911 after the crash because he was scared, though he could not articulate a specific reason for his fear.

Trail refused to submit to the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFSTs), leading to his arrest for Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI). After being read his Miranda rights, Trail declined to disclose the number of previous OVI convictions he had. He agreed to provide a breath sample, which revealed a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.288, more than three times the legal limit.

Following the breathalyzer test at Circleville Highway Patrol Post 65, Trail admitted he should not have been driving. He was transported to Berger Hospital for medical clearance before being taken to the Pickaway County Jail.

The entire incident was recorded on the deputy’s Axon body-worn camera.