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Unresponsive Driver Arrested for OVI in Circleville after Other Drivers Come to Aid


Circleville – A man who passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle in the middle of a dangerous intersection was assisted by a passerby motorist.

On June 17, 2024, at 3:55 PM, A Pickaway County Deputy was dispatched to the intersection of US-23 northbound and Sperry Drive following a report of an unresponsive male behind the wheel of a vehicle. Upon arrival, he observed a white 2016 Ford Escape. The caller, another motorist, was attempting to wake the driver, later identified as the vehicle’s registered owner, Ian Coffee.

The Motorist reported that Coffee had been passed out behind the wheel for some time, and she had put his vehicle in park. The deputy attempted to wake Coffee, initially without success, but eventually managed to rouse him after removing the keys from the ignition. Coffee appeared confused and unaware of his location when he first became conscious. He declined the offer of Narcan, stating that he was simply tired.

Coffee was instructed to exit the vehicle and wait in a nearby grassy area until EMS arrived. Circleville EMS assessed Coffee, who refused treatment and transportation to the hospital. The deputy during interaction noticed the smell of alcohol on Coffee and observed alcoholic beverages in the vehicle’s front passenger floorboard. Suspecting impairment, The deputy requested Coffee to walk over to 1445 South Court Street for field sobriety testing.

During the tests, Coffee displayed multiple signs of intoxication. Coffee struggled with the walk-and-turn test, unable to maintain the instructional stance due to his level of intoxication. He also failed the one-leg stand test, unable to keep his arms at his sides, balance properly, or count as instructed. Advanced roadside impairment tests further confirmed his impaired state.

Following the tests, Coffee was placed under arrest for OVI, slow speed, and parking on highways. He became upset and made suicidal comments. The deputy then secured Coffee in handcuffs, advised him of his Miranda rights.