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Two Ohio Grocery Stores Makes Worst List in National Grocery Store Ranking


A recent study by Solitaired, a data collection and analysis firm, has cast a shadow over two Ohio Grocery stores ranking them as the 4th and 7th worst grocery store in the entire United States out of Thousands

The study, which aimed to assess customer sentiment towards grocery stores across the nation’s 100 most populous cities, utilized Google reviews as its primary data source. Researchers focused on the first grocery store results listed for each city, compiling a dataset encompassing a staggering 3,000 individual store review pages.

The results were not kind to Columbus Kroger, located at 2000 east Main Street. This particular location landed a rather unenviable spot at number seven on the ranking of the nation’s least-impressive grocery stores. One customer wrote on a review.

“I thought I had found the worst Kroger. But this really beats any other location for being the worst. The parking lot is a mess. There is also a gas station here so it really makes things tight and busy. Finding a spot takes real effort. When I went, the store was basically not stocked. The fresh fruit/vegetable section was mostly empty. I got a few items and was waiting in line for my turn when one of the customers started harassing me over where I was standing in the line. The cashiers were also just “there” not really helpful or friendly.

Honestly, just go out of your way to another Kroger location and save yourself a headache.”

“This Kroger is the worst. It’s located close to the very nice suburb of Bexley, but that doesn’t keep it from being terrible inside and out. There’s bad drivers and bums waiting for you. It’s got poor selection compared to others. This is one to skip.”

“Probably the worst Kroger’s I’ve ever been into my life. They never have what you need. the produce doesn’t stay fresh more than a day
if I truly need something from that Kroger’s itd strictly boxed or canned or toilet paper. I dread going to that Kroger I rather drive downtown to the Front Street Krogers.”

In 2022 Krogers closed a nearby Store located at 4485 Refugee Road due to, “store performance.”

Interestingly, the study revealed a recurring trend – Walmart stores featured prominently on the list, with a total of 19 locations from various cities like Aurora, Cincinnati, and of course, Wichita, making the dubious cut. Several other metropolitan areas, including Portland, Aurora, San Francisco, and Norfolk, also saw multiple entries, suggesting a potential correlation between location and customer satisfaction levels within the grocery store landscape.

While the full details of the study can be accessed on Solitaired’s website https://solitaired.com/worst-and-best-grocery-stores-in-america the news serves as a wake-up call for the these stores. The ranking raises questions about customer experiences at the store and highlights areas for potential improvement.