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Two Arrested for Home Invasion in Mount Sterling


Madison County, OH – Authorities responded to a reported burglary in progress on Tenny Rd. on May 9, 2024, around 3:06 p.m., involving Sabrina Coltey and a male identified as Austin. It was reported that a third unidentified male was also involved. Prior to law enforcement’s arrival, all parties departed in a silver Nissan Versa. Madison County Unit had already been on-site when additional assistance arrived.

The victim, a resident at the address, was at home with a 12-year-old Juvenile, whose mother is Sabrina Coltey but does not reside at the address.

According to the victim, he was watching television when Sabrina entered through the entry door, leaving the storm door closed. Sabrina proceeded to the standing gun safes in the room, attempting to unlock them. The victim intervened, attempting to stop her. Austin, later identified as Austin B. Keil, then entered wielding a baseball bat. The victim was instructed to sit on the couch and not move while Austin brandished the bat. The Juvenile emerged from his room during the altercation, witnessing his mother’s attempt to access the safes and her subsequent entry into a bedroom in search of the safe combination. Sabrina instructed her son to call his dad, but he did not comply.

After failing to open the safes, Sabrina and Austin proceeded outside to the victim’s 1998 Cadillac, covered with a car cover, and began vandalizing it with the baseball bat. The incident was observed by a witness.

Following the altercation, all suspects fled in the silver Nissan Versa. The juvenile mentioned that the third male informed him he was 15 years old, but he did not know his name.

Both Sabrina Coltey and Austin B. Keil were arrested a few weeks later when law enforcement could catch up with them. They have both been charged with aggravated burglary, kidnapping, and theft. Both are currently housed in Pickaway County jail awaiting court.