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Truck Driver with 649 Warrants Nabbed in Columbus


Circleville, Ohio (February 21, 2024): A truck driver with a whopping 649 warrants to her name was arrested in Columbus last week, ending a nationwide search. Ahyoka Keith, also known as Carol Ann Sumner, was wanted by authorities in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, for a staggering number of theft charges, including 322 felonies and 327 misdemeanors.

Keith’s capture was a smooth collaboration between Columbus Police detectives and patrol officers. Acting on a tip from Pennsylvania authorities, they tracked her down and apprehended her without incident on February 16th. Police believe she was likely in the Columbus area due to her work as an over-the-road trucker.

Currently, officials from Bellefonte are working with Franklin County Courts to arrange Keith’s extradition back to Pennsylvania, where she will face the long list of charges against her.

This case highlights the effectiveness of inter-state cooperation in tackling crime. Columbus Police’s swift action and collaboration with their counterparts in Pennsylvania brought an end to Keith’s alleged criminal activity and ensured she will face the justice system.