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Update – Trial for Man Who Was Found Stalking New Holland Woman by Hiding in Basement is Over


Pickaway County – Trial for a man who violated a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) several times going as far as entering the home and hiding in a woman’s basement started today

Chris Agin was indicted in April 2023 since then he has been held at Pickaway County Jail away from his intended victim. After completing an evaluation for competency throughout last year the trial was able to proceed.

The charges stem from a single victim who violated a protection order over and over again, but most of that harassment at that time was messages, and letters sent to a New Holland home, but on 4/12/23 the victim in the case came home and noticed the door on her home was ajar. When the Deputies arrived on that Wednesday night they found the home was entered and suspected that he had left through the back door and was in the woods. The Sheriff’s department asked for a helicopter from the Ohio State Highway Patrol to search the wooded area behind the home for the man. After hours of searching one Deputy who continued to search the home found the man deep inside a crawl space in the basement where he was hiding from officers. He was taken into custody without issues.

Previous to this event Chris Agin, 59 has been charged with, Domestic Violence, Violation of Protection order, telephone harassment, violation of a protection order, Violation of a protection order, assault, menacing by stalking against the same person, violation of protection order, aggravated assault, telephone harassment, intimidation, victim witness by force, menacing by stalking, violation of protection order, violation of protection order, intimidation victim witness by force, and violation of protection order. Sixteen total charges against the victim in this case, since then he has been held at the Pickaway County Jail.

A three-day criminal trial was held before Judge P. Randall Knece in Pickaway County Common Pleas Court on June 3through June 5, 2024. In that trial a Pickaway County jury found Chris Agin, 61, of New Holland, Ohio, guilty of eighteen counts on a twenty-count indictment. Mr. Agin was found guilty of four counts of Intimidation of a Victim in a Criminal Case, ten counts of Violating a Protection Order, two counts of Aggravated Burglary, one count of Telecommunications Harassment, and one count of Menacing by Stalking. He was found not guilty of one count of Assault and one count of Domestic Violence. In total, Mr. Agin was found guilty of two felonies of the first degree, ten felonies of the third degree, and six misdemeanors of the first degree.

​The charges arose from domestic disputes between Mr. Agin and his wife and stepdaughters in February through June of 2023. Civil Protection Orders were issued which Mr. Aginsubsequently violated. Mr. Agin was placed in the Pickaway County Jail after violating the protection orders. Upon being released on bond, he returned to the marital residence, in violation of the protection orders, turned the water off and hid in the basement. When his wife entered the basement to turn the water on a struggle ensued. He was later found to have a pocketknife on his person.

​The State of Ohio was represented by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Heather Carter who called ten witnesses and introduced 68 exhibits. Mr. Agin was represented by Attorney James R. Kingsley who called two witnesses and introduced four exhibits.

​Following the reading of the verdict, Judge Knece ordered Mr. Agin returned to the Pickaway County Jail until a presentencing investigation could be completed. Sentencing will be scheduled at a later date.