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Towing Notice for Dead Cow Issued in Ohio


A bizarre incident unfolded in Beavercreek, Ohio, this weekend when a cow fell off a livestock trailer on Interstate 675, law enforcement had no choice but to issue a tow notice usually issued for broken-down vehicles on the cow carcass.

The large bovine, which sustained severe injuries in the fall, remained near the Greene Town Center exit from Friday until its owner finally removed it on Monday afternoon. Despite causing traffic delays and attracting curious onlookers, the incident highlights the unusual challenges sometimes faced by authorities in dealing with stray animals on major roadways.

According to Beavercreek police, the injured cow ultimately had to be euthanized during the initial event. While incidents involving farm animals on Ohio roadways are not uncommon, especially in rural areas, Kathleen Fuller, Public Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation, noted that such occurrences on major highways like I-675 are much rarer.

ODOT typically handles cleanup for wild animals like deer, but when it comes to domesticated or tagged animals like the lost cow, the responsibility usually falls on the owner. In this case, it took several days for the owner to finally retrieve the animal, causing inconvenience and raising questions about potential safety hazards caused by such incidents.