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The Top Ten Restaurants of Pickaway County


Pickaway County is home to dozens of restaurants, but which ones are considered the best in the county? We decided to try to make a (currently) exhaustive list of the top restaurants in the county. With over 50 places to choose from to dine in, or out, from, there is a lot of variation in the county’s must-haves.

For this report, we took the following information to rank all restaurants:

  1. Average Google Directory/Maps rating
  2. Average Facebook rating
  3. Number of Votes (popularity) as a tie-breaker

Additionally, we ranked only places with 100 votes total between both rating sources to ensure that no restaurant had been pushed to the top by family and friends. Over 20,000 votes were calculated using this methodology.

Near the top of the list, we also added a few special categories for some must-visit places that may just be outside of what’s considered a restaurant.

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