The Scioto Post Serves 100,000 Article Views in First Month


We launched on July 21st (25 days ago), and since then, we’ve served over 100,000 article views. We are super excited about the warm reception that the residents of Pickaway County have given us, and we can’t wait to get to the next phases of our project.

Our top 3 stories, in order of views, are:

  1. Wal-Mart ‘Mystery Odor’ Still Lingers After 5 Days – Video Shows Massive Problem
  2. After 69 Years of Operation, Skyview Drive-In One of Nineteen Left in Ohio
  3. You Won’t Believe Who the Most Famous Person from Pickaway County Is… and It’s Not Ted Lewis!

It’s important to note that our #1 story started with a video contributed by a reader. (Thanks Joyce Adams). If you see something interesting, be sure to send us your pictures and videos via our or by emailing us at [email protected].

Our second best story covered the nostalgic Skyview Cruise-In theatre in Lancaster, Ohio. Not only were we able to remind people about a local gem, we were able to help support a local business. When I spoke to the owner last week, he said that many people had mentioned the article to him. Over 1300 of you have visited his website, and many mentioned on Facebook that they were going to visit the theatre.

The third most viewed brought attention to how awesome Circleville and Pickaway County are. Several people from the top 11 list shared our story. How cool is that? One passionate reader commented that our list was all wrong, and his would be completely different. We’ll publish that list when he sends it.

We are happy that our 3 top stories represent our founding goals. We want to be a community page, highlighting stories that are important to our readers. We want to be your voice and welcome all your tips, photos, and videos. We want to support local business and highlight how awesome Pickaway County is.

We have many more things planned for the second month, and I can’t wait to reveal them when the time is right. Thank you for making our launch extremely successful and for continuing to support us. Send us your tips, photos, and videos of interesting things happening around you! We’d love to share it with the community.

1 Month In Pictures

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Cover photo by (with alteration): Vernon Raineil Cenzon


  1. I’m not from Circleville, but I read the article about the Tuscan Table closing and was wondering who Rankin is and was wondering what he did. Thank You!

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