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The Essay as a Means of Active Learning: Developing Critical Thinking


Have you ever wondered about the benefits of essay writing? Are Essays a complete waste of time? Then, this article shows you how an essay is a means of
active learning.

For most college students, essay writing might be another pain in the neck. What’s the point of sitting down and putting words together to write a thousand-word essay on a topic that isn’t even interesting? If thoughts like this still creep into your mind, then open it up, as your perspective about academic writing is about to change. Before we dive into this article’s topic, let’s start by understanding specific terms. The first thing is to give a proper definition of critical thinking. It seems like logical thinking, but both should be distinct. In the later part, logical thinking vs. critical thinking will be discussed.

How the Essay Promotes Active Learning

Active learning occurs when individuals play a significant role in their education. It means taking tasks and projects that require them to use and develop soft skills. That helps to build capable students who don’t just stuff their heads with teacher’s information. It is an opportunity for students to undergo critical thinking training.  Active learning can take place in different ways.

Those who finish university make their college faculty and parents proud if they know how to use and develop their respective thinking skills. People who participate in active learning and have excellent critical and logical skills are open to different life opinions and are likely to make it in life. Writing essays that involve essential critical-thinking skills allows you to learn more than you claim you already know. 

The Use of Online Paper Writing Services

Whether you like essays or not, the college faculty still deems it fit for every student. In situations like this, it gets frustrating. There are thousands of lecture notes to cover and extracurricular activities one has already signed up for. Students’ paper writing online services offer an avenue where you pay for papers and relax as an online professional writer is available to get the job done appropriately. These services offer paper writing help to make college work less stressful. If the entire essay and critical analysis story are still unclear, sit back as this article explores your mind and makes you see things differently.

Tips on How Essay Can Be Used to Develop Critical Thinking

The development of critical thinking is essential for the survival of life after college. As a person, you are required to make confident decisions that question your level of critical thinking. The best way of teaching critical thinking and other soft skills is by assigning tasks to students. Examples of these tasks include composing essays.

Below are tips on how to develop the necessary competencies through essay writing:

Tip 1: Read Voraciously 
When an essay is assigned, it is expected that you have no idea about the topic. It may be the first time you encounter the subject around the article, even if it relates to school work. The first step is to go to the library and the Internet and read everything about the topic. You get to see things from different authors and learn that life can take many paths. Despite the differences, these sources center their conclusions on facts. Reading from the right source is essential as you open your mind to explore different areas of life and provide ways to tackle your writing paper problem.
Tip 2: Research 
Research is simply another step further into writing. Different materials and sources have started to spring up, and conclusions may become confusing. Luckily, one conducts research using raw information and studying more into already proven experiments to arrive at conclusions. According to the philosophy of education, the more a student asks why, the more such inquiries produce exciting answers that will be useful in the long run. The ability to research and write a paper is helpful in your place of work or personal business after university days.
Tip 3: Evaluation and Proof
After your individual research has been carried out, it is easier to agree with or disagree with specific authors. However, to achieve it, you need to have solid and reasonable proof. Writing papers on your findings and putting together the most beautiful essay earns you an excellent grade. It also improves critical thinking skills. That means that for every piece of text you produce, you are getting better at how well you think and tackle problems. For now, those problems are articles, in the future, they will be problems that need life-changing solutions that only critical thinkers provide.
Differences Between Critical and Logical Thinking Skills 
As promised, the differences between critical and logical mental processes are looked into for clarification. The concept of critical thinking is closely related to a logical approach. However, there is a slight difference. The ability to think critically requires paying heed to rational thinking that requires analysis but less rigid evaluations. Conversely, logical reasoning encompasses scrutinizing facts and the legitimacy of the connections between statements to conclude. Critical thinking is a less strict part of logical one.
Wrapping Up
Modern-day education teaching practice encourages students to learn by active learning and building critical thinking strategies.  In the real sense, it’s for the benefit of the young people, as they will be grateful, that they were able to learn such soft skills before entering the workforce. If creating essays still seems like a chore, you can pay for college papers to online paper writing services that get the task done. So long as the correct information for the assignment is provided, skills of analysis and other soft abilities such as accurate time management, and people capabilities are required to survive as a person in the long run.