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Texas Roadhouse Rolls to be Sold in Walmart Freezer Aisles in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky


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June 25, 2024 — Fans of Texas Roadhouse’s famous rolls have reason to celebrate, as the beloved bread is set to hit the freezer aisles at Walmart locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. According to Tasting Table, this marks the first time the rolls will be available outside of Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

The exciting news was initially shared on Instagram by foodie insider Markie Devo. “Texas Roadhouse is releasing their world-famous rolls in frozen form at Walmart exclusively,” Devo’s post read in part. The post also revealed that the rolls would be available starting June 29, and that Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky had been chosen as test markets for this new product.

Shoppers can look forward to finding packs of 12 mini rolls, ready-to-bake in a convenient pan, each accompanied by Texas Roadhouse’s beloved Honey Cinnamon Glaze.

This move comes as a response to the high demand for Texas Roadhouse rolls, allowing fans to enjoy them at home without a trip to the restaurant. Keep an eye on Walmart freezer aisles in these states for a chance to bring a piece of Texas Roadhouse to your own kitchen.