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Teen Arrested when Vaping Incident Turns to Obstruction


On May 15, 2024, at approximately 2:27 PM, a Chillicothe police officer conducted a citizen contact at the intersection of Water and Sugar Streets. Shortly afterward, while on patrol in the same area, the officer stopped for a school bus unloading children.

The officer observed a 16 year old teenage male, exiting the bus and walking westbound on Water Street. The male was seen wearing blue jeans, a grey shirt, and a red long sleeve shirt draped around his neck. The officer noticed the juvenile taking out a nicotine vape device and using it.

Upon noticing the officer, the juvenile attempted to hide the vape but continued using it. The officer turned onto Water Street, pulled over, and exited the cruiser to make contact. The Juvenile, upon seeing the officer approach, turned and began walking eastbound, ignoring the officer’s commands to stop.

The officer pursued the 16 year old, repeatedly instructing him to halt. As the officer caught up, the teen allegedly resisted by throwing his hands toward the officer’s face. The officer then took him to the ground, where he continued to resist, refusing to turn over or comply. After a struggle, the officer, with assistance from another officer, managed to handcuff him.

Upon searching the teen, the officers recovered his Ohio ID and the vape device, identified as a purple “Geek Bar” pulse “Meta Moon” vape. The teen was arrested and transported to the Law Enforcement Complex, where the officer contacted Magistrate Szorady. The magistrate granted permission to incarcerate the teen at the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) on charges of obstructing official business and resisting arrest. The court date was set for May 16, 2024, at 9:00 AM in Juvenile Court.