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New Business – Tarlton Company Expands into Circleville, Opens Footsteps on Main


Circleville – Downtown Circleville has a new storefront, one that offers lots of different items, mostly sourced from local areas.

Footsteps started out in the garage of their home specializing in custom, handmade wooden commercial signs, engravings, and home décor, with over 10,000 items sold each year on online stores like the website, Etsy, and other selling platforms. Expanded into a large building in Tarlton (Footsteps in the Past) as a storefront, and a large warehouse for the continually expanding business. According to the store owners they needed to expand into a larger building to keep up with online sales, and they wanted to make an impact in Tarlton. Now that impact has spread to Circleville. With the new storefront, they have added more local Ohio items because they don’t want to just be a “sign shop,” they expanded into household goods, novelty items, custom clothes, and general merchandise.

Footsteps on Main in Circleville is a sister store from Footsteps in the Past a storefront opened in Tarlton in April of 2022. Footsteps on Main is located at 115 East Main Street in the newly remodeled Zwicker Building. The new store offered lots of different items, from handcrafted home decor, handmade seasonal ornaments, candles, novelty candy, toys, antiques, and more.

Owners said, “We wanted to bring our business into Circleville, we have several customers that travel from this area to Tarlton and wanted to bring it here also. We have expanded into more than just signs more towards gift and novelty items. We’re still doing custom T-shirts, and jean jackets and sweatshirts and that kind of thing. But we wanted to expand more, kids stuff, games. There are some antiques mixed in and there’s a little bit of this and that, it really is more of a general store feel. We are trying to do a variety of things that are not already here, trying to complement not compete with other downtown Businesses. We will keep every season in here and we’ve got, the candy from Grandpa Joe’s and the different types of soda and whatnot and are expanding that also. The soaps, teas, pottery, T-shirts, and Jackets, earrings are all made here in the area.”

Footsteps is also offering a weekly drawing for other stores in the area, gift cards, and such, they will pull winners every week, and you just have to come in and enter your name, you don’t even have to purchase anything.

“It’s about working together, we want to promote the community, we’re just all helping each other. You know, ultimately supporting each other.”

Right now the store will be open 9 to 4 Monday through Friday, Saturday 10 to 4 Sunday 12 to 4, but expect extended hours through the season.