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Susan Stahl Woman Charged in Orient Murder of Elderly Woman Pleas Not Guilty


PICKAWAY – The woman that has been charged with the murder of Elderly lady Joyce Kaelbli has plead not guilty in court this week. The charges come from a woman found deceased in her home in late June at her home 10500 Ballah Road in Orient, Ohio.

According to Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff, on Sunday June 23, 2019 at 4:38PM, the Pickaway County Sheriff’s 911 Dispatch received a call from Glen Kaelbli of Grove City, Ohio, who reported he found his mother deceased. Mr. Kaelbli reported he found his mother dead and the house ransacked. A homicide investigation was initiated by the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Radcliff reported that Stahl was connected to the family as a ex-girlfriend to the son of the family.

Through the investigation the sheriff’s office identified Stahl and a companion Anthony Martin traveled to San Diego, California and, more specifically, the area of the Campo – Route #8, at the US/Mexico border crossing. Coordinating with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Radcliff said the pair were located and taken into custody on the Ohio charges.

During arraignment hearing in July Stahl was given a 250,000 dollar bond in court and Martin is being held on a 25,000 dollar bond. Martin told the judge that, “He wasn’t going anywhere.”

Stahl is facing charges of Aggravated Murder, Murder (x2), Felonious Assault, Aggravated Burglary, Burglary. Her pretrial will be on September 13, 2019.