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Super Bowl LV Prop Bets: 5 Players to Watch In This Year’s Football Game


Today’s NFL campaign officially opened last September 10, 2020, and will run a 17-week game slate through February 7, 2021. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the finals at Raymond James Stadium. With that, the fans are excited to know if the Chiefs can defend their title or slip away this year.

Not only can the fans expect another dramatic football game, but the bettors will find another opportunity of earning. Every year, the NFL season brings massive betting games that come in huge prizes. It is why, starting today, you should begin scouting for the best teams and players that you can wager and help you earn substantially.

Aside from the popular Points Spread and Moneyline betting, Prop Bets are excellent football betting games you can play. It does not require you to dig in on analyzing numbers. You only have to give the correct prediction to the proposition given. If you want to start gambling for the pop bets, here are top players you can consider in the upcoming 2020 NFL prop bets.

Devin Singletary’s -115 Rushing Attempts
Devin Singletary will work as the running back for the Buffalo Bills as a sophomore. He joined the team last year and immediately broke out a record of 12.6 attempts per game. In the last 13 games he played, Singletary tallied 16 carries, including the playoffs. These numbers will
surely become greater as he plays again for the second year.

In today’s NFL prop bets, Devin Singletary is someone you can wager to make under 115 rushing attempts. Given his figures last season, this man is expected to showcase sizable rushing attempts and backfield workloads. During their opening game with the Jets, Singletary has made 7.1 attempts per game and will surely be a good pick in the upcoming
prop bets.

J.K. Dobbins +240 Touchdowns
The Baltimore Ravens had accomplished a huge blow-out in the opening day after they buried the Cleveland Browns in a 38-6 run. They were the biggest favorites this year and have delivered what the fans expected to see. That said, J.K.B Dobbins, the Ravens running-back, has shown an impressive touchdown performance.

Today, he is now favored to make a total of 240 touchdowns in all NFL prop bets. Although he was drafted by the Ravens this year and played as a rookie, Dobbins immediately soared high in being the biggest contributor to the team’s success. So, if you are looking for players to
wager in prop bets that can complete impressive touchdowns, Dobbins is someone to tap.

Raheem Mostert In A Multiple Touchdowns (+450)
Raheem Mostert is seen as the most enticing player to accomplish multiple touchdowns in the prop bets. He’s currently priced at +450 odds after he completed a great season last year. In his last nine games, Mostert made 13 touchdowns, including four for both the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl LIV.

Although the 49ers started this year with an unsuccessful opening day after the Cardinals devastated them in a 24-20 run, Mostert is still the best running back to wager in a prop bet that can accomplish multiple touchdowns.

Jimmy Garropolo’s -251.5 Passing Yards
With a current odds price of -251.5 in the pop bets, Jimmy Garropolo is expected to size up his performance this season, inching his last year’s accomplishment. Garoppolo is the main quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and is also one of the possible MVP Awardees in this NFL campaign.

Looking into his records last year, Garoppolo tallied 317 and 424 yards in four touchdowns. It led to the Niners’ high-scoring and a sweep accomplishment in the finals, leading them to face the Chiefs during the Super Bowl LIV. In the last season, Jimmy Garropolo topped the prop bets in -251.5 touchdowns and might do it again this year.

Amari Cooper’s -67.5 Receiving Yards
Amari Cooper is a starting wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys this year. During the opening game, they wrestled against the Los Angeles Rams but failed to win the match. However, the match does not make his odds price lesser in the NFL prop bets as he is expected to accomplish under 67.5 receiving yards in his upcoming games.

Although they were lost to the Rams, Cooper had nailed an impression, drawing a brutal performance in the receiving area. If he can do better in more games and maintain his momentum, there’s no doubt that he can be an excellent pick for the prop bets.

The NFL prop bets are an effortless betting category you can gamble in the upcoming football tournament. As stated, you only need to give the right prediction on their proposition given by the oddsmaker. Hence, if you wanted to bring home the bacon in the NFL prop betting games, the five players above can greatly help.