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Stuck in the Mud, Two Men Arrested in Front of Stolen Trailer in Ross County


Ross County, Ohio – Law enforcement officers responded to a call regarding a stolen box trailer in Ross County, Ohio, on April 7, 2024. Deputy Timothy Sams, dispatched to the scene, located the stolen trailer belonging to Weewash Power Washing at an abandoned mobile home in the area.

Upon arrival, Deputy Sams discovered two individuals, later identified as Drake Johnson and Nathen Wilson, asleep inside a black Cadillac Escalade stuck in the mud in front of the stolen trailer. Suspected stolen items from the trailer were found inside the vehicle. Sgt. Zachary McGoye and Deputy Sams proceeded to wake the suspects and remove them from the vehicle.

While being questioned, Wilson claimed to have met Johnson, whom he referred to as “Jacob,” at a friend’s trailer park on SR 772. It was later confirmed that Johnson had a warrant out of Chillicothe Police Department, and Wilson had an active warrant out of Pike County, in addition to being reported as a missing person.

Further investigation revealed discrepancies in Johnson’s claim that the property belonged to his grandmother, as the Ross County Auditor’s Office records showed otherwise. Both Johnson and Wilson were read their rights, placed under arrest, and transported to Ross County Jail without incident.

Johnson faces charges of Receiving Stolen Property, Drug Paraphernalia possession, and an existing warrant from the Chillicothe Police Department. Wilson is charged with Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments and Receiving Stolen Property, along with an active warrant out of Pike County.

During the investigation, law enforcement seized drug paraphernalia and drug abuse instruments from the Escalade, which was towed from the scene by ANS Towing. Security camera footage provided by a witness corroborated the suspects’ involvement in driving the SUV and trailer onto the property earlier in the day.

Efforts to remove both the stolen trailer and the Escalade, which were stuck in the mud, required the assistance of multiple trucks and several hours of labor. The stolen items were returned to the rightful owners on the scene.

The case is currently under investigation, and further details will be provided pending court proceedings.