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Strategic Planning Committee Highlights Economic Development in Circleville


Circleville, OH – June 25, 2024 – The Strategic Planning Committee convened for its latest session on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 6:30 PM. Chairman Sherri Theis, Committee Members Zack Brooks, John Moats addressed the agenda items, beginning with the unanimous approval of the previous meeting’s minutes from May 21.

The meeting then moved into the City’s strategic plan that has been put into place to move Circleville forward including an Industrial Site Development Marketing Strategy and to develop strategies and develop incentives policy to attract new investment to key sites in the city.

Tactic 1 and 2

Economic Development Updates

Mrs Lexi Heidish, Assistant Director of P3 in Pickaway County, presented updates on the strategic and comprehensive plans. Her detailed presentation included goals, accomplishments, and recommendations for Circleville, with a focus on industrial and residential site development. Key points highlighted by Heidish included:

  • Monthly meetings with city officials to discuss infrastructure development and annexation agreements.
  • Tours with potential investors at key sites, such as the GE and Thompson buildings, which have shown considerable interest.
  • Development of an industrial site strategy around key sites along the US 23 corridor, aiming for improved access and appeal to businesses.

Heidish emphasized the need for affordable housing, proposing strategies to develop residential areas targeting the middle-income bracket. She noted the significant gap between current market offerings and the needs of new or lower-income residents.

During the meeting, Service Director Stanley gave an update to the current new development that is occurring across the city and what phases those developments are in.

North Meadows on Jewel Road

Heritage Ponds on Walnut Creek Pike is currently working on finishing the Victor Drive and Sycamore roads. They plan to present a final plat plan to the city soon.

Courtyards at Northridge, River Ridge DR Horton project on North Court Street, starting groundwork and pipe laying

Lakeside Reserve end of Atwater and connecting to Georgia Road, has not started anything but has all the approved paperwork to break ground.

Jodiro A large muli housing development across from Ohio Christian University this is still in the planning stages, and not everything is approved.

Downtown Redevelopment and Quality of Life Enhancements

The strategic plan’s third tactic addresses downtown redevelopment, aiming to fill retail gaps and attract new businesses and visitors. Although P3 is not directly involved, it was shared that the city is actively engaging with downtown property owners and other partners to enhance the business district.

The fourth tactic focuses on enhancing the city’s quality of life through parks, trails, and events. Service Director, and Tom Davis (Former Pickaway Parks) discussed plans for the city’s parks system and potential bike lanes, including:

  • Development of bike lanes on key streets such as Pickaway Street and Mound Street.
  • Collaborative efforts with the county park system to expand and connect trails, improving recreational opportunities for residents.

Currently, there is plans to not only add bike paths to key roadways in Circleville but also connect park trails together. Some of these trails are already built by the City and the Pickaway Park District. Davis said that there is easy grant monies out there to get that specifically aim at connecting parks and paths together.

There is a plan already started and an almost million-dollar grant has been applied for to connect the city to Barthelmas Park running from Ohio Street and extending into Kingston Pike to the park.

Talks to acquire a North Circleville park, former Atwater Elementary Schools green space, Mayor Blanton has already discussed the possible cost of purchase with the owner.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The meeting concluded with discussions on residential site development strategies, potential annexation agreements, and the progress of various residential projects. The committee expressed optimism about ongoing developments and the potential for future growth.

The Strategic Planning Committee will continue to refine and implement these plans, working closely with city officials, P3, and other stakeholders to ensure a prosperous and well-planned future for Circleville.

Capital Grant Secured for City Hall

Circleville has secured a $100,000 capital grant for the City Hall building. This grant will support ongoing improvements and provide a substantial boost to the city’s efforts. Vice Chairman Theis has already arranged a meeting with the mayor to discuss the best way forward.

Incentives and Infrastructure

  • The committee is exploring strategic incentive plans to attract developers while ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Circleville has good wastewater and water supply capacity, but extending these services to new developments requires substantial investment and planning.

American 250 Celebration

Circleville is considering a resolution to become an official America 250 Ohio community, enabling the city to apply for grants to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. This will involve collaboration with local organizations to plan and execute community events.

ODOT Project

A substantial project with ODOT, estimated at $25 million, is underway. The city is expected to cover a small percentage of the total cost, awaiting ODOT’s final report and funding approval.

Overall, Circleville is making significant strides in city development and community engagement, ensuring it remains a vibrant and growing community.