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Southern Ohio Sheriff Warns of Dangerous Vape Substance Containing Meth


Southern Ohio – A Sheriff is sounding the horn on a dangerous chemical that can be easily hidden that contains Meth.

Authorities with the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office have come across a dangerous substance that is rare to Southeastern Ohio; Vaporized oil containing Methamphetamines.

Law Enforcement had been alerted to a “vape pen” that was suspected of containing a mixture of flavored nicotine oil as well as illegal narcotics.  Detectives conducted a field test of the oil that had been leaking from the cartridge and the substance presumably tested positive for methamphetamines.  The substance was submitted to the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement laboratory, who confirmed less than 24 hours later that the substance was concentrated with methamphetamines.

This is the first case reported by officials in Southeastern and Central Ohio and the first case that the laboratory come across for the 6 counties it conducts tests for.

The mixture is extremely dangerous because it can be easily concealed to the trained and public eye as it resembles regular oil.  The mixture can also be extremely harmful as the user is simultaneously ingesting a depressant and stimulant.

It is understood that vaping is popular in this area, especially in the younger generation of kids and up to young adults. Detectives urge a strong caution when using unknown fluids or cartridges in vape pens that are not purchased from a credible merchant. It is believed that this substance has made its way into our communities and is believe to be actively pushed into our local community through illegal narcotic sales and distribution.