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Southern Ohio Forest Rally Ready to Race in Ross County This Week

FH Motorsports, a local Circleville/Ross County Racing team last year

Chillicothe, OH – The state of Ohio, with a rich history in American national championship stage rally events dating back to its inclusion in the SCCA Pro Rally Championship in 1968, continues to be a pivotal location for rally enthusiasts. The Southern Ohio Forest Rally (SOFR) has re-established itself as a major event since 2017, incorporating many of Ohio’s historical rally stages.

The Southern Ohio Forest Rally made a significant return in 2017 under Rally America and further expanded in 2018 to include Tar Hollow State Park. By 2019, SOFR moved under the sanctioning of the American Rally Association (ARA), a USAC Racing entity, and added Shawnee State Forest to its stages. The collaboration with the City of Chillicothe also brought back the famous City Park stage in Yoctangee Park.

Despite the challenges of 2020, SOFR successfully hosted a one-day event, emerging as one of North America’s largest. In 2021, SOFR was featured as an ARA National Championship event, maintaining the City Park Stage as its Friday night opener, with stages in Scioto Trails and Shawnee Forest.

The 2024 Southern Ohio Forest Rally is scheduled to run from June 6-8. It will open with a Super Special stage and Parc Exposé in downtown Chillicothe, followed by challenging stages in Shawnee and Zaleski Forests. The event is highly anticipated, drawing both competitors and rally fans due to its demanding courses and scenic routes.

The rally community eagerly awaits the return of notable competitors, including Travis Pastrana, in the 2024 ARA National Championship series. The series will cover diverse terrains across the U.S., including traditional stops in Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, and a new addition in Tennessee.

The Southern Ohio Forest Rally, with its historical significance and challenging stages, continues to be a highlight of the ARA schedule. For more information, visit the Southern Ohio Forest Rally website and the American Rally Association website.

2024 Southern Ohio Forest Rally Schedule:

  • June 6: Chillicothe, OH – Downtown Chillicothe, Yoctangee Park
  • June 7: West Portsmouth, OH – Shawnee Forest
  • June 8: McArthur, OH – Zaleski Forest

About ARA: The American Rally Association is the premier stage rally association in the United States, owned and operated by the United States Auto Club (USAC). The ARA organizes the eight-round ARA National Championship, along with regional events and championships across the country.

For further details and the complete 2024 ARA schedule, visit the ARA website.