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Soundtrack for Chillicothe Fireworks Again Ready, Now With Local Singer

McKenna McFadden records the Star Spangled Banner with Christina Wolford of WKKJ.

Chillicothe — For more than 40 years, a local radio station has been providing the soundtrack for the city’s Independence Day fireworks. Christina Wolford of WKKJ again has a mix of patriotic country, pop, and classical music for the 2024 light and sound show.

She said she draws from various genrés, but country music – the focus of 94.3 FM WKKJ – has more patriotic themes than most contemporary music.

Wolford said she works on making the soundtrack a little different each year. An additional feature this time is the national anthem sung by a local singer…and princess.

Her festival and pageant days may be past, but Ross County Idol winner McKenna McFadden (née Newman) was finally satisfied with her recording with Wolford Saturday.

McFadden said she started singing at four years old, and currently is in the worship team at her church. She also sings the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events, and she books some shows – but not at the moment, with her eight-month-old daughter.

McFadden says she is available on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and videos. She promises to post more singing videos soon.

Wolford also chatted about other aspects of the fireworks she has experienced: improved traffic flow, favorite viewing sites, and weather tolerances. She mentioned that $15 tickets to get into the city pool party with hot dogs, pop, and chips should be available up to the time of viewing – or until sold out. The fireworks should start at dusk, around 9:45.

She recommends listening to the “terrestrial” radio station at 94.3 FM, not the internet feed. She says buffering often delays the web feed, so it can be out-of-sync with the show.

Hear from both in the below video interviews. Find details about the fireworks show in the Scioto Post story.

WKKJ has a website, Facebook page, Twitter / X account, and web feed.

(Sorry for choosing bad hallway acoustics to interview a singer! I was focusing on the backdrop, not the echo.)
From the City of Chillicothe Facebook page.