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SONIC® Drive-In Prepares Fans for North American Total Solar Eclipse with New Blackout Slush Float


SONIC® Drive-In is set to launch a celestial experience for fans in anticipation of the rare North American Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. The fast-food chain introduces the new Blackout Slush Float, available nationwide from March 25th for a limited time. Additionally, guests will receive one free pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses* with every purchase of the Blackout Slush Float, while supplies last, enabling them to safely witness the eclipse and create lasting memories of the event.

Featuring a unique blend of sweet, cotton candy, and dragon fruit flavors, the all-black slush represents the temporary darkness caused by the solar eclipse. Topped with creamy white soft serve and galaxy-themed sprinkles in blue and purple hues, the Blackout Slush Float promises to transport fans straight to outer space.

Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC, expressed excitement about offering fans an awe-inspiring treat to coincide with the eclipse. “We thought, what better way to create some fun for our fans as they experience this unique event than by introducing a new treat that’s as awe-inspiring as the eclipse itself?”

SONIC has teamed up with former NASA astronaut Terry Virts to provide tips on enjoying the total solar eclipse. Virts, a SONIC superfan and veteran of two space flights, emphasizes the rarity of the event, urging people to take advantage of this unique scientific phenomenon.

The Blackout Slush Float can be ordered at participating locations nationwide from March 25th through May 5th, while supplies last. Guests are encouraged to obtain their free eclipse viewing glasses in advance since supply is limited. On April 8th, guests can return to SONIC to view the eclipse while enjoying the Blackout Slush Float.

In addition to the eclipse promotion, SONIC is offering $1.99 Crispy Tender Wraps from March 4th to May 5th. These wraps are available in Hickory BBQ and Cheesy Baja flavors, providing guests with an inexpensive snack option.

*The eclipse viewing glasses provided with the Blackout Slush Float purchase have been approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for short-term direct observation of the sun. They have undergone lab testing to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Detailed safety information is available on the glasses.