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Significant Horse Racing Events At Monmouth Park You Must Bet Today


The horse racing events continue to saddle up anywhere in the world every year. The horse racing community has continually supported all these events as many fans are looking forward to an incredible racing show. They also wanted to take part in betting games as it does not only give full entertainment, but it’s also a profitable way of growing their bank accounts.

We are nearing the end of this year, yet there are still a lot of horse racing events to celebrate. Monmouth Park is another horse racing field that continues to open and hold some of the world’s highest-paid horse racing events. Many races take place in this field where most bettors can surely attend.

Monmouth Park is located in Oceanport, New Jersey where thoroughbred horse racing events are held annually. It is formerly known as Philadelphia Park where it holds racing and casino events. The betting games they hold since their inauguration includes parx picks which offer a large number of wagering games for every gambler.

A Brief History

The said racing park was inaugurated on July 30, 1870. Monmouth Park comes as one of the oldest horse racing fields in the United States. It is owned by NJSEA which stands for New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. It’s the reason why you should not miss looking forward to the horse racing tournaments to take place in this field. It will give you optimum satisfaction and entertainment.

As you go along and check what the recent horse racing events in Monmouth Park are, let us give you some of the most outstanding racing events this place hosts every year. These racing games will not only give you the pleasure of witnessing an action-packed racing show. It will also ensure you a fruitful betting game you can surely wage and win.
Haskell Invitational Stakes
The Haskell Invitational Stakes is an annual horse racing events that take place in Monmouth Park. The horse racing competition for Haskell comprises of three-year-old thoroughbred racers that compete in Grade 1 stakes. The overall running distance of this racing field measures around one ⅛ mile where racers will saddle up in dirt track.

Haskell Invitational Stakes started in 1968 to honor Amory Haskell, a former Chairman and President of Monmouth Park. The said racing competition is often attended by mightiest horse racers who were superstars of significant racing events such as Breeder’s Cup and U.S Triple Crown. The Haskell Invitational Stakes holds a purse prize of at least $1, 010, 000. It is why many bettors are attending this racing competition as the wagering games can also give out a massive amount of prizes.

Parx Dash Stakes

Parx Dash Stakes is a graded stake horse racing competition which will take place in Monmouth Park from September towards the end of this year. It is one of the biggest races every bettor should look forward as the winner might get an automatic slot for the 2019 Breeder’s Cup in November.

Three-year-old horse racing enthusiasts mostly attend the said horse racing events. All of the entries will compete in Turf racing. They will run around a 5-furlong distance. It is not an easy competition to head on this year as Park Dash Stakes announces some of the most legendary horse racers to join the race. Parx currently holds a purse prize of around $200, 000.

Turf Monster Stakes

The Turf Monster Stakes is an ongoing horse racing events happening in Monmouth Park this month. It provides a wide array of betting categories you can surely wage as many horse racers are attending the said event. You can make your way to the Monmouth Park anytime this month to witness a grand horse racing competition.

Turf Monster Stakes is a graded stake horse racing tournament which is attended by three-year-old thoroughbred racers. All racers will run in a Turf track measuring around 5 furlongs. As of today, Pure Sensation has gained his popularity since he’s winning most of the racing games in Turf Monster Stakes. The said racing show holds a purse prize of at least $300,000.

Pennsylvania Derby

The Pennsylvania Derby is one of the biggest races that take place in Monmouth Park today. The Parx and Racing Casino is expecting an influx of bettors as it is attended by some of the world’s strongest horse racers aged three-years-old and up. They will all compete in 1.125-mile dirt track distance using a left-handed track.

The said racing event will take place on the last Saturday of November to attract more bettors as it draws a date near the Breeder’s Cup. All horse racers will compete in Grade 1 stakes. Put in mind that Pennsylvania Derby holds a purse prize around $1,000,000. So, do not hesitate to attend this horse racing show in Monmouth Park as you can assure profitable betting games when you play it the right way.