Home News Shots Fired into Circleville Main Street Pub, Suspect at Large

Shots Fired into Circleville Main Street Pub, Suspect at Large


CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio – In the early hours of April 28, 2024, a disturbance rattled the tranquility of Main Street Pub in Circleville as shots were fired into the establishment, prompting a swift response from law enforcement.

Officers were dispatched to the scene at approximately 3:05 am following reports of gunfire directed at the pub. Upon arrival, authorities found evidence indicating that an unknown male had discharged a firearm into both the front and rear of the building.

As the investigation unfolds, the Circleville Police Department is actively working to identify the suspect responsible for the shooting. The individual’s motive remains unclear at this time.

Residents are urged to assist law enforcement in their efforts to apprehend the suspect by providing any pertinent information they may have regarding the incident or the identity of the perpetrator. Those with information are encouraged to contact the Circleville Police Department at 740-474-8888.

Alternatively, individuals can choose to report information anonymously through the department’s dedicated hotline at 740-477-3784 or via email at [email protected].

The incident has left the community on edge, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and vigilance in maintaining public safety. The Circleville Police Department assures residents that every effort is being made to bring the perpetrator to justice and ensure the security of the neighborhood.

As the investigation progresses, further updates will be provided to the public.