Sheriff’s Office Announces Safe Communities Director


    A Director has been named for the new “Safe Communities Program of Pickaway County”. Dwight E. Radcliff, Sheriff of Pickaway County, announced today that the former Special Projects Liaison contracted to the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Traffic Safety Office has accepted the contract to coordinate the efforts for the new program in Pickaway County. Teresa C. Carper, who served in the former position for the past year, and had worked in an office provided by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, will oversee the efforts to create the initiatives of the program. She will also work to coordinate Coalition of Pickaway County citizens that will work to further the importance of traffic safety issues.

    “I am pleased to continue our efforts in the education of traffic safety, and look forward to overseeing the initiatives within this program,” stated Sheriff Radcliff. “Traffic safety, and the overall safety of the citizens of Pickaway County, is a major directive for the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

    The new program is being created by a grant through the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Traffic Safety Office. Carper, who was assigned to work with special projects in traffic safety throughout the State of Ohio, will focus efforts on traffic safety education and awareness in Pickaway County. “I look forward to this opportunity, and I am pleased to be working in a community that I have learned so much about this past year. I truly appreciate this community, and the current efforts I have seen in making this community a great place to live and to visit”, stated Carper.

    Ms. Carper served as a deputy for the Ross County Sheriff’s Office for seven years, and was assigned as the Victim Advocate through a grant provided by the National Sheriffs’ Association. She was also contracted by the NSA during her tenure as a Victim Advocate, to provide technical support to law enforcement in Minnesota, as well as teaching Victim Advocacy to law enforcement in the southern Ohio area. She is a graduate of Ohio University, and has over 18 years experience in Public and Media Relations.

    For more information regarding the new “Safe Communities Program of Pickaway County”, contact the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 420-5794.

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