Home Advertisement Sciotopost is Looking to Highlight Local Christmas Sales

Sciotopost is Looking to Highlight Local Christmas Sales


Scioto Post is offering to downtown businesses an exclusive advertisement on Scioto Post. Scioto Post has been reaching millions of people per month and we would like to offer some of that traffic to you as well. A lot of the people in our community rely on Scioto Post for their local as well as the surrounding areas news. A big portion of our following live in the surrounding counties also, Like Ross, Fairfield, and Franklin. What better place to advertise then on a news media source that is viewed by millions PER MONTH!

We are offering a “story ad with video” or just a “story ad” which will be displayed on our website and also posted to our Facebook page. The ad will be available for one full month, directly on the website and can be accessed through a “click through ad”. This offer will be available throughout the Holiday Season. This would be a great opportunity to advertise your business for not only Circleville but Lancaster, Chillicothe, Columbus and Washington Courthouse. People are always looking for different places to shop for the holidays that are unique, and with the thousands of people your ad will reach, you may get new customers with the promise of returning.


We are not an “ad supported company” but a company that offers a lot of content that does have some ads to make us unique and extremely popular with the local residence as well as the surrounding areas. With the younger generation, the “newspaper type ads” don’t work anymore to get them engaged and to take interest. Let our expertise help your company get your name out there and to get noticed by more than just our local community.