Home News Scioto Township Passed Levy By Overwhelming Amount, Last Levy Passed in 2006

Scioto Township Passed Levy By Overwhelming Amount, Last Levy Passed in 2006


SCIOTO – Scioto Township successfully passed the fire levy, and that was no small feat. Scioto township has failed two levies in 2008 and 2012 forcing the fire station to actually cute three firefighters a day.

The Last levy was successfully passed in 2006, and since then the area has a lot of growth. Fortunately after Federal grant money, staffing was improved to 5 firefighters a day. Still short for money and with a clock on the Federal dollars, the Township pursued a JEDD with Grove City and started bidding the contract for the Prisons in the district. Thats what brought them to ask for the Levy in 2019, hesitant of course because the last several had failed.

But it didn’t fail it passed by a large margin Yes – 733, No – 236, when I visited Commerical Point area just before voting signs for the levy were everywhere, but not in public location but in peoples personal yards.

Chief Cline said that, “by passing a levy, our department would have the means to make the necessary improvements so that we can meet the demands of our growing community. This would also lower our dependency on those outside resources, such as the prison contracts and the JEDD, shifting a divided focus on funding a department full of potential back to the life safety, property conservation and the well being of our residents.”

The levy will create about 4 million in funds for the local fire department, that plans to use that money to adequately staff and replace aging equipment to better service their residents.