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Scioto Elementary School Celebrates Students’ Achievements


In a heartening acknowledgment of their dedication and character, several students from Scioto Elementary School have been recognized as the March Scioto Vikings of the Month. These commendable students have not only demonstrated outstanding behavior but have also embodied Scioto’s core values of teamwork, seizing the moment, and a fervent commitment to personal growth.

The recipients of this esteemed recognition are as follows:

  • Kindergarten: Lily Fletcher & Charlie Funk
  • 1st Grade: Olivia Hill & David Walker
  • 2nd Grade: Jase Gray & Emrie Williams
  • 3rd Grade: Anaya Qaisar
  • 4th Grade: Grayson Dearing & Cooper Phillips
  • 5th Grade: Landyn Morbitzer & Cameron York

Each of these students has shone brightly in their respective grades, showcasing qualities that inspire their peers and contribute positively to the school’s vibrant community spirit.

The Scioto Vikings of the Month initiative not only celebrates academic achievement but also emphasizes the importance of character development and the cultivation of values that foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Congratulations to all the deserving recipients for their remarkable accomplishments and for embodying the spirit of excellence at Scioto Elementary School. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to their fellow students and educators alike.