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Sam’s Club Revolutionizes Member Experience with AI-Powered Exit Technology


BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 30, 2024 – Sam’s Club, a leading global retailer renowned for its digital innovations, has announced significant advancements in its implementation of technology aimed at resolving a major concern among its members – waiting in line for receipt verification upon exiting the club.

The retailer’s pioneering application of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology has seen successful deployment in over 120 clubs since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

This achievement marks the largest-scale implementation of AI-powered technology aimed at enhancing the member experience in the retail sector. Sam’s Club’s announcement of reaching this milestone in the first quarter demonstrates its leadership in technology adoption, especially in comparison to other retailers that have faced challenges in deploying similar technology at scale.

The new exit technology has immediately improved the experience for Sam’s Club members, with over half enjoying a friction-free exit experience where they no longer need to wait in line for verification. This has resulted in a 23% faster exit for all members in clubs where the technology has been deployed.

Sam’s Club plans to extend this technology to all its clubs by the end of 2024. Todd Garner, Chief Product Officer at Sam’s Club, expressed pride in the team’s innovation and dedication to deploying this member experience technology at scale. He emphasized the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the checkout experience and enhancing member satisfaction.

The exit technology seamlessly confirms that members have paid for all items in their shopping carts without the need for manual verification by associates. Previously, members had to wait in line for receipt review and item examination, especially during busy periods, which was rated as a primary pain point in their shopping experience.

With AI-driven technology in place, the exit process is streamlined, allowing member specialists to refocus their efforts on providing assistance and ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience. Sam’s Club plans to continually enhance and iterate on the technology as deployment progresses.

This technology complements Sam’s Club’s existing digital solutions, such as Scan & Go™️, which enables members to scan purchases using their mobile app and bypass traditional checkout lines, further enhancing convenience and member satisfaction.

Sam’s Club’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the shopping experience underscores its position as an industry leader in innovation and customer service.