Home News Roundtown Players, will be performing The Laramie Project in Circleville, Ohio.

Roundtown Players, will be performing The Laramie Project in Circleville, Ohio.


The Laramie Project is a 2000 American play with a storyline that will always carry weight and meaning to those who experience its message. This play is a perfect example of what is referred to as “Verbatim Theatre.” Verbatim Theatre is created from direct quotes and statements from people who are directly related to the topic around which the play is based. In this case, The Laramie Project is written as a series of monologues and speeches that were collected and compiled by a theatre group, Tectonic Theater Project, in the late 1990’s.

The Tectonic Theatre Project is based in NYC and was created in 1991 by its founder, Moisés Kaufman, a Venezuelan American theater director, filmmaker, and playwright

In 1998, Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project took on an extraordinary task of traveling across the country to a town in Wyoming called Laramie. This group of NYC Theatre people traveled to the Midwest just about a month after the citizens of Laramie were rocked by a horrific event- 

The attack and subsequent death of a 21 year old college student named Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998).

Matthew was taken out to a remote area and was brutally beaten, left for dead by a few locals who were against him for being gay. Matthew wasn’t found for about 18 hours and lost his life a few days later, in the hospital.

The members of the Tectonic Theater Project were on a mission to collect interviews and perspectives from various people in the Laramie community.

After over a year of traveling, compiling interviews, and crafting a show, The Laramie Project was brought to the stage in February of 2000.

This weekend, several members of our local community Theatre, Roundtown Players, will be performing The Laramie Project in Circleville, Ohio.

The cast and crew have rehearsed diligently over the past few weeks, directed by the talented Isaiah Serra. Serra said, “I felt this show would be a great way to not only tell the story of Matthew Shepard and the impact he had on the world, but also to show people just how relevant it still is today, especially with understanding the difference between tolerance, and acceptance.”

For over 50 years, Roundtown Players has been a wonderful place for people of all walks of life to come together and share in their love for theatre and the performing arts. 

“We are thrilled to offer this show with a young director who has such vision and passion for the project,” said Christopher Bowen, RTP Board President. “And to present this performance during Circleville’s annual Pride AroundTown while we honor Matthew Sheppard makes it even more impactful.”

This production will feature a small cast who will each take on several different roles, bringing life to the 60+ characters depicted throughout the show. 

Please be advised that the show carries heavy subject matter and topics that may be triggering for some. There is use of adult language and themes.

Each performance is free to the public and donations will be accepted at the door. 


JUNE 7TH @ 7:00 PM

JUNE 8TH @ 7:00 PM

JUNE 9TH @ 2:00 PM

Director – Isaiah Serra

Assistant director – Justin Atkinson

Lighting Designer – Maddy McCain

Costumer – Thursday O’Phelan


Emily Allen

Rachel Thompson 

Jimmy Laux

Ethan Snyder

Aurora O’Phelan

Hailee Shough

Brandon Brown

Mary C Murphy

Eli Locke