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Ross, Pike, Scioto County to Benefit from $4.7 Million Grant for Maternal and Infant Health


CHILLICOTHE, OH – June 12, 2024 – The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded Nationwide Children’s Hospital a $4.7 million grant to implement the Healthy Start Initiative in Ross, Pike, and Scioto counties. This significant investment aims to improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies in these communities.

Enhancing Maternal and Infant Health in Ross County

Ross County will see direct benefits from this initiative, which is designed to address critical health disparities and improve maternal and infant health. In collaboration with community partners and in alignment with priorities outlined by the Ohio Department of Youth, the Healthy Start Initiative will:

  • Embed Community Health Workers: Health workers will be integrated into prenatal and pediatric settings to provide essential support.
  • Expand Support Services: The initiative will enhance health education, legal services, home visitation, behavioral health, and substance use disorder treatment.
  • Establish a Community Consortium: A consortium composed of local partners will coordinate clinical care and social support services.
  • Empower Local Voices: Community members will be co-leaders in the consortium, ensuring sustainability and local relevance.

Statements from Officials

“Maternal health is a fundamental human right and every mother deserves access to quality care and support,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “We know that by expanding access to proven health care best practices, we can help moms and their children thrive. That’s why the Biden-Harris Administration continues to support organizations working to improve maternal and infant health, especially in communities most at risk of poor outcomes.”

“At the Health Resources and Services Administration, we know that healthy babies begin with healthy moms,” said HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson. “Today’s $105 million investment in our Healthy Start Program is essential to implementing the Biden-Harris Administration’s Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis.”

Addressing Disparities and Supporting Communities

The Healthy Start program focuses on improving the well-being of expecting mothers and new mothers, particularly in areas with high infant mortality rates. The program addresses disparities affecting Black and Indigenous women and infants of color by offering services such as culturally responsive health care, food assistance, emergency supplies, transportation, and housing navigation.

About HRSA’s Maternal Health Initiative

HRSA’s Enhancing Maternal Health Initiative aims to reduce maternal mortality and health disparities. The agency partners with women, grantees, community organizations, and state and local health officials to provide comprehensive maternal health care. HRSA-funded community health centers offer maternal health services regardless of individuals’ ability to pay and operate the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 833-TLC-MAMA.