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Ross County’s Yocatangee Park will Transform Under New Grant Adding Pavilion, Amphitheater, Pickeball, Childrens Museum


COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 1, 2024 — The Appalachian Downtowns and Destinations Initiative, part of the Appalachian Community Grant Program, has unveiled plans for 30 significant economic development projects across Ohio’s Appalachian region. These initiatives, bolstered by a $154 million investment, aim to rejuvenate historic sites, enhance recreational facilities, and elevate the overall quality of life for residents.

Among the highlighted projects is the transformation of Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Riverside District, which has been granted $35,362,990. The district’s Armory will undergo renovation to house the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Visitors’ Center, alongside community meeting spaces and a recreational facility. A new pavilion will accompany the Armory, intended to host the Chillicothe Farmers Market. Additionally, major improvements are planned for the park’s recreational fields, including the construction of an amphitheater and pickleball courts, as well as the refurbishment of the baseball field. Road networks surrounding the park and downtown will also be reconfigured to enhance accessibility, including the addition of a shared-use bike path. The Mighty Children’s Museum will receive renovations and expansions to offer STEM-related programming for older children.

Further enhancements include upgrades to the Mound City Visitor Experience in Union Township, Ross County, with improvements such as pavilions and ADA accessibility features. Paxton Township’s Seip Earthworks will see infrastructure improvements, including restroom facilities and a renovated visitor center. The Hopewell Mound Group in Union Township will benefit from expanded bike trails and improved facilities to connect with Maple Grove Prairie Park. Additionally, Springfield Township’s Hopeton Earthworks site will undergo improvements to parking, restrooms, and signage.

Paint Creek Recreational Trail in Concord Township will receive $1,933,740 to repair and enhance sections of the trail, crucial for connecting recreational sites in the area. Meanwhile, the Village of Bainbridge plans to revitalize its Main Street with infrastructure improvements, sidewalks, and a new outdoor park and community space. The Village of Frankfort will implement traffic calming measures, enhance park facilities at Lightle Park, and add amenities like tennis and pickleball courts, sports fields, and a dog park.

These investments signify a pivotal moment for Ohio’s Appalachian region, promising economic growth, cultural preservation, and enhanced community engagement for years to come. With this unprecedented initiative, Ohio sets a new standard for sustainable development and underscores its commitment to the prosperity of all its residents.