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Ross County – Woman Fakes Auto Title by Scratching Out Name and Writing Hers, Gets Arrested


While conducting routine patrol duties in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio, law enforcement encountered a traffic violation that resulted in a citation for fictitious license plate usage.

On 6/04/24, an officer on patrol, noticed a white Buick sedan, turn right onto N Paint St. from W Water St. without signaling. Prompted by this infraction, the officer conducted a traffic stop and engaged with the driver, identified as Cassie Moss.

During the interaction, Moss was informed of the reason for the stop and requested to present her driver’s license. Upon further examination, the officer discovered discrepancies regarding the vehicle’s registration. While the license plate matched the vehicle Moss was driving, the LEADS entry revealed a conflicting VIN number associated with a 2003 white Buick registered to Moss, whereas the vehicle stopped was a 2008 model.

Moss explained that she had purchased the vehicle, noting that the previous owner had amended the title by scratching out their name and inscribing hers instead. However, the officer noted skepticism regarding the validity of the title, particularly due to the alteration and the discrepancy in vehicle models.

To verify the information, the officer contacted dispatch to cross-reference the VIN number, confirming that it indeed belonged to a 2008 white Buick with the last recorded title transfer dating back to 2014.

Consequently, Moss was issued a citation for the use of a fictitious license plate, and the vehicle was towed from the scene by ANS Towing. Moss was informed of her mandatory court appearance scheduled for June 14, 2024, at 9 am at the Chillicothe Municipal Court.