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Ross County – Woman Arrested Pushing Shopping Cart Full of Items Out of Kohl’s


Ross County – Chillicothe police department arrested a woman for a large shoplifting crime after pushing a full cart full of items out the door.

According to the Chillicothe police department, they were called to Kohl’s located at 45 River Trace Road after a call came in of a woman who had covered up her shopping cart with her jacket and walked out of the store with the cart full. During the call, employees gave a description of the woman and the vehicle she was in as it left the parking lot. Police caught up to the vehicle on River Trace lane and conducted a traffic stop. The officer wrote in the report that the woman who was identified by the store, was 42-year-old Anita Boler, someone who he had past interaction with. While running her information it was found that she had a warrant for her arrest, and she was asked to step out of the vehicle. During the conversation with Boler she first told officers she was never in Kohls but later admitted to the theft when faced with the evidence. During the arrest, she laid down on the grass refused to give her hands to the officer, and claimed to be having a seizure. She was taken to ARMC and cleared by medical before she was taken to Ross County Jail where she was charged with Theft without consent, and her bench warrant of assault.

Receipts for the stolen items were recovered and the total for stolen items was $ 1403.03.