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Ross County – Two Men Arrested for Burglary and Theft on Three Locks Road


ROSS COUNTY, OH – On June 17, 2024, two men were arrested for burglary and theft on Three Locks Road, following a report of suspicious activity. Deputies responded to the scene after receiving a tip-off about two individuals seen with sheet metal strapped to their SUV.

The deputy was flagged down and informed of the suspicious activity while en route to the location. Shortly thereafter, he observed an SUV with sheet metal on its roof driving away from the direction of the reported address. Conducting an investigative stop, the Deputy identified the driver as Michael Butterbaugh and the passenger as Cody Kimbler.

During the investigation, Kimbler admitted to being present while Butterbaugh took items from the property, though he claimed not to have stolen anything himself. Butterbaugh claimed they had permission to take the sheet metal from Kimbler’s uncle, a statement Kimbler contradicted.

Further inspection revealed that the vehicle, which lacked a visible license plate, contained stolen items including sheet metal and a blue recycling tote filled with mail addressed to different individuals. Butterbaugh and Kimbler were detained and placed in handcuffs. Both men were charged with multiple offenses, including vandalism, theft, aggravated trespassing, and breaking and entering.

The property owner, contacted by phone, confirmed that no one had been given permission to take anything from the site and expressed his intention to press charges. The damage to the building and pole barn, estimated at $115,000, is being assessed by the realtor.

The two men were transported to the Ross County Jail without incident. Butterbaugh also received a citation for driving with a suspended license, which he refused to sign. Both suspects are scheduled to appear in court on July 11, 2024.