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Ross County Treasurer’s Office Announces Extension of Real Estate Property Tax Due Date


Ross County, Ohio – In an important announcement from the Ross County Treasurer’s Office, Treasurer David Jeffers has declared a one-week extension for the real estate property tax due date, shifting the deadline from February 16th to February 23rd. This extension comes as a direct response to the recent technical difficulties experienced by the Treasurer’s Office, which have temporarily impacted our computer systems.
The decision to extend the due date is made with the best interests of the Ross County taxpayers in mind. Understanding the potential challenges and inconveniences posed by these computer issues, the Treasurer’s Office is committed to ensuring that all taxpayers are afforded the extra time needed to prepare and submit their real estate property taxes without haste or worry.
“We recognize the importance of our role in the community and the trust our taxpayers place in us to facilitate a smooth and efficient tax process,” said Treasurer David Jeffers. “This extension is a measure of our commitment to serve the residents of Ross County effectively, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise. We are diligently working through these technical difficulties and are implementing solutions to restore our systems to full functionality as swiftly as possible.”
Taxpayers are encouraged to take advantage of this extended period. The Ross County Treasurer’s Office remains available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the payment of real estate property taxes. Payments can be submitted online, via mail, or in person at our office. We also urge taxpayers to stay informed through our official website and social media channels for updates and further information.
“We appreciate the understanding and patience of our community as we navigate through these challenges,” Treasurer Jeffers added. “Our priority remains to serve and support the taxpayers of Ross County, ensuring that everyone is able to meet their tax obligations without added stress.”
For additional information or assistance, please contact the Ross County Treasurer’s Office at
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