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Ross County – Two Year Old Found Riding Tricycle in Middle of Street Alone


CHILLICOTHE, OH (May 2, 2024) — Law enforcement officers were dispatched to 622 E Water St in Chillicothe following a report of a juvenile complaint. The initial narrative, provided by Officer Shelby Lott, indicated an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers were approached by multiple individuals who directed them to the location where a child age 2 had been riding a tricycle in the middle of the road. One bystander informed the officers that the child had been seen at 622 E Water St. Upon reaching the address, officers observed a small child, standing unattended outside the residence with the front door left open.

After several attempts to make contact, officers were able to speak with the mother, Danielle Breakfield, and Arron Seward. They informed the parents about their child’s behavior of riding his bike in the street without supervision. Ms. Breakfield mentioned that her son was supposed to be under the care of Halanina Seward, who must have lost track of him.

Officers informed Ms. Breakfield that the incident would be reported to Child Protective Services (CPS), noting that she had another ongoing case with them. The child was ultimately left in the custody of Ms. Breakfield.

The investigation into the juvenile complaint continues as law enforcement officers work to ensure the safety and well-being of the child involved. Further updates on the case may follow pending the outcome of the investigation.