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Ross County – Tent Dweller Reports Domestic Assault After Pee Dumped On Her


Ross County – A woman trying to escape a relationship reported that she was held against her will and subject to abuse before finally escaping.

According to responding officers, a call came in around 8:35 pm from a concerned resident who reported a woman claiming to be the victim of an assault. The woman, reported she had been living with her boyfriend, James Saxour, in a tent in the woods since October 2023.

In her report she stated that an argument erupted after Mr. Saxour became upset over her texting a friend. The argument reportedly escalated to physical violence, with she claimed Mr. Saxour struck and shoved her on multiple occasions. During the tent fight Saxour took a bucket of urine and threw it on her. While she complained of pain, officers observed no visible bruising but did find a minor scrape on her wrist.

A search of the tent area by officers yielded no sign of Mr. Saxour.

Under the belief she had an outstanding warrant for a dog at large charge, requested to be taken into custody. A check of court records confirmed an active warrant existed, and She was arrested without incident and transported to the Ross County Jail.

A background check revealed Mr. Saxour has two prior domestic violence convictions, raising concerns about a pattern of abuse.

Authorities have filed charges against Mr. Saxour for Domestic Violence (F-3) and Unlawful Restraint (M-3). Efforts are underway to obtain certified copies of Mr. Saxour’s past convictions to support the case.