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Ross County Teen Arrested for Several Break-Ins in Pike County


Pike County Sheriff, Tracy D. Evans put a Ross County teen behind bars after committing a string of felonies in Pike and Ross Counties. In early November, the Buchanan Store was the victim of a violent break-in and theft, where two assailants smashed the front door glass to make entry and steal hundreds of cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarette devices, and alcoholic beverages. Investigators began working to gain access to the DVR to help identify the perpetrators as the store owners began rebuilding the storefront. Due to the owners not having access to the DVR for video recall, the device was sent to the crime lab for forensic evaluation. This process usually takes weeks so, during this time, the owners decided to upgrade the surveillance system to better protect themselves moving forward.

In late December, the assailants returned and once again smashed the front door glass of the store. Deputies were able to view footage right after the incident, and positive identification of one of the suspects was made, 18-year-old Chase Christopher Vest. During a review of the video, the responding deputies could see that the duo had a pickup truck that they parked in front of the broken door, and they made numerous trips to the vehicle, filling it full of the store’s inventory. The vehicle would be located later that day near the residence it was originally taken from. Investigators worked and tracked down the suspect and on January 22nd, 2024, Vest was arrested for the two break-ins at Buchanan Store. After the arrest, Vest confessed to the incidents and to stealing a vehicle, which was the truck used at the second break-in of the store in December. Vest is now housed at the Ross County Jail and is awaiting indictments on the cases. Investigators are attempting to identify the second perpetrator, but it is believed that the male is a juvenile.

Anyone with information regarding the second suspect, please contact the Pike County Sheriff’s Office (740)947-2111 ext. 1251 to reach Detective Tara Tackett